An Update on my Life

Hi everyone 👋 I’m back from a short break. I’ve been sick from the flu and I’m actually still recovering from the flu. I haven’t been doing much of anything besides watching movies and resting. I’m trying to get back on the working train and start working again, but I’ve been afraid. I’m afraid to overextend myself and to work too hard when I know my body needs to heal; that is mainly why I’ve been cooped up in my house for a couple of days. I also know how my body reacts to stress and being overworked. I’m not the type of person that can work when I’m sick.

I have been working on my blog though. It’s easier to do because it’s on my phone and it’s one of the only work related things I’ve done in the past couple of days besides going to teach one lesson. It’s been nice to work on my blog and give it the attention it needs. I’ve been obsessed with mommy blogs because I want to be a mommy blogger in the future. Motivational blogs are also my favorite.

I’m probably not going to write too much. I’m going to return back to my resting after writing this. I’ve been watching movies on Netflix. Olympus has fallen has been my absolute favorite movie so far. I also watched the other two movies In the series. I even watched Anger Management with Adam Sandler. I really hope I feel better tomorrow because I have my lsat class tomorrow. And I have a couple of lessons to go to. I’m also meeting my friend to hang out tomorrow. I’ll talk to you guys later!

How much time should you take to work on your blog?

The answer is up to you. You have to know how much time you can invest. Not many people have time to blog. And that’s okay. I know that I don’t always spend a lot of time on my blog. Instead of working on my blog for a couple hours per day, I’ll work on it every day for a couple minutes at a time. I’m not perfect. You don’t have to be. You will not always be able to work on your blogs for hours and hours at a time.

I will say that blogging is a total investment rather than a daily investment. You can write a blog post today and post it on the same day; that blog post will stay there forever. And you can reap the rewards from it long after you post it. When you reach about 200 blog posts, your blog should have enough content to entertain your audience for a long time. Also when you update your content and add more blog posts, you’ll have more posts that can attract views. I think that this is the smartest use of time. I know many YouTubers that utilize this same strategy.

The main takeaway is to continue working on your blog when you can. When you reach 200 blog posts, your blog will be in a good place to continue gaining views. Good luck on your blogging journey and keep blogging 👍

Just woke up

I’m going back to sleep again after I write this post, but you guys are the best. Thank you for showing so much support for my blogs. I’m so thankful to have my blogs and the WordPress community! 👏

Burnt Out

I’ve been constantly on the go moving from task to task. I haven’t really had time to relax. My job requires me to be there six days out of the week and I’ve finally hit the wall today. My brain is fried. I know that if I push myself to work today, I will end up regretting it later. And I’ll also be very miserable.

So what did I do? I canceled my lessons for the rest of the day. I knew that it would have repercussions because not everyone has the ability to make their own schedule. I do, however. I rescheduled my lessons for another day. For my own mental health, I had to do it.

It’s good to always be on the move. People strive for progress and are always surrounded by responsibilities. What happens when we finally relax and give our mind a break? Great things. Even better. I think we come back stronger than ever. And we are recharged to start again. Just like a low phone battery, we have to recharge. And then, we’ll be ready for another day.

Small things

My heart has been so full of love lately and I’ve been falling in love with life again. I’m not the kind of person that gets too sappy. I know that my life is amazing. The people in my life are incredible. Everything is in place. I don’t want this happy feeling to end.

I’m even more happy that I’m blogging again. Blogging fills up the empty space in my heart that I didn’t know was missing. My two blogs are my babies. I’ve been posting for awhile. There’s something about blogs that make me so happy. I feel fulfilled when I blog.

I don’t think blogging is for everyone. Not everyone will stick with it for a long time. I took a break from blogging. And I came back to it. Blogging is continuous. Even if you take a break, your blog will always be there waiting for you 💜

A day in my *TOO* busy life

This is another day in my life and I want to take you all on the journey that is my Tuesday. Today, I had to go to a 12 pm lesson, and come back to practice my recital song and eat lunch. During the car ride there, I was practicing my recital song (I need a lot of practice lol). And I practiced on the car ride back and when I got home. Oh and I had to answer a bunch of texts and solve scheduling problems when I got home… I’ve been doing really well with keeping track of my weight and what I’m eating everyday, so I also used an app to track my calories. I decided to take a break and rest for now, until I just started blogging.

Around 4 pm, I have another lesson to teach and another to teach at 5:30 pm. In the middle of this time, I also have to practice the viola because I am wayyy behind on my practicing. I’ve been noticing that my life is slowly becoming completely raveled with music. And I kind of love it. It doesn’t even feel like I am working, but I am. That makes me so happy 🙂

After I teach my last lesson, I’m going to come back home and go workout. I took a break off of working out yesterday because my feet were cramping (I overdid it in the gym). And hopefully I can kind of relax the rest of the night.

Not all my days are this hectic, as you will probably see if you knew me. Every one of my days are pretty much like this. And I’m lucky if I even get to have lunch. However, I’m just thankful that I have time to blog right now. I probably won’t have time to blog on CleverlyBegun, but that’s okay. *Sighhh

In the future, if you guys ever plan to work for yourself, prepare for an uphill battle. I’m facing so much stress, but thankfully I’ve actually been getting sleep now. Cross your fingers for me!

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A Day in my Life: Piano Teacher Edition

Today is Monday and it’s kind of difficult to say whether or not I’m exactly happy for it to be Monday. However, this morning I started out by sleeping in. That’s one of the perks of working for yourself and making your own schedule. You get to plan out the day however you want.

I have quite a few things I have to do today:

1. Teach two lessons: 12:00 pm-12:40 pm and 5 pm-6 pm

2. Interview a new student at 2 pm- 2:15 pm

3. Pick up my packages in the evening

You must be thinking, “wow that doesn’t sound like a lot at all.” And you’re right. It’s not. I actually had to reschedule one of the lessons I had for today to tomorrow and I scheduled in a new lesson for a new student. Being a teacher, I have to manage my schedule really well. So it’s not like I don’t do a lot during the day because I get paid quite a lot for the times when I am teaching. Therefore, I don’t have to work a lot of hours each day. And hence, I can spend more time blogging and cuddling with my puppy Zoe.

The lesson at 5 pm is a traveling one. A piano teacher has two options, they could either teach at their studio and have students come to them or they can travel to students’ homes. It’s up to the teacher. For me, I combine both options. I find that some parents want to travel to my location for lessons and some don’t feel like driving. Around 4:20, I have to start making the trip to my student’s home and I get back home around 5:30. And then I’ll be done for the day.

Is it nice to only have to work for barely 2 hours and still make lots? Yes it is 🙂 And if you have any questions for me, please leave it in the comments below. Let me know if you like this and I’ll share more!

“Happiness is not a goal: it’s a by-product”

A More Thorough Explanation

Okay… so I realized that yesterday’s blog was not a good explanation of what happened with my assistant. I want to explain to you guys how to look for an assistant and what you should do when things start to go bad. There was too much pressure on me at the time when I fired my assistant. He was showing up and doing the work, but he NEVER talked to me. It felt like I was working with a robot. And I’m not sure why he did that because he was my assistant for a decent amount of time. It wasn’t like I was treating him badly: I thanked him for working and helping me out. However, at the same time, I felt that he was taking more than he was giving. For example, he would use the time at work to answer personal phone calls and text messages. When he was waiting for paper to print, he would play games on his phone. And when I wanted something done quickly, he slacked. Over time, it felt like he was taking more and more, and I was getting less and less.

I can’t say that that was the best feeling in the world. I was trying to give all of my efforts to the obligations and responsibilities in my life. And there was a person that was hindering me rather than helping me to achieve my goals.

There’s more actually. He left a ton of things not done properly. Like when he saw all the paperwork messily scrambled on the table, he didn’t organize it. When there are a bunch of things that he knows I need help with, he doesn’t bother to offer to help. It’s like he was only there to get a paycheck. I KNOW that many people go to work just to get a paycheck, but you can’t possibly do the bare minimum and be satisfied that you gave your employer crappy work. He seemed like he was always bored. If he was so bored, why didn’t he strive to do more or create better content?

Lastly, he didn’t even know the link to my website. For the amount of time that he worked on all of the stuff here, he better know the link to my website! I couldn’t believe it…

Anyways, if you have an employee that you have to manage, know that it takes a lot of work. It’s something that you have to work really hard to find a good worker. And when you have someone that is doing above and beyond for you, don’t let them go. I’ve learned that I cannot work for someone and I can’t have someone work for me. That’s just me. Everyone’s different, but do what feels right for you.

Best of luck!