An Update on my Life

Hi everyone 👋 I’m back from a short break. I’ve been sick from the flu and I’m actually still recovering from the flu. I haven’t been doing much of anything besides watching movies and resting. I’m trying to get back on the working train and start working again, but I’ve been afraid. I’m afraid to overextend myself and to work too hard when I know my body needs to heal; that is mainly why I’ve been cooped up in my house for a couple of days. I also know how my body reacts to stress and being overworked. I’m not the type of person that can work when I’m sick.

I have been working on my blog though. It’s easier to do because it’s on my phone and it’s one of the only work related things I’ve done in the past couple of days besides going to teach one lesson. It’s been nice to work on my blog and give it the attention it needs. I’ve been obsessed with mommy blogs because I want to be a mommy blogger in the future. Motivational blogs are also my favorite.

I’m probably not going to write too much. I’m going to return back to my resting after writing this. I’ve been watching movies on Netflix. Olympus has fallen has been my absolute favorite movie so far. I also watched the other two movies In the series. I even watched Anger Management with Adam Sandler. I really hope I feel better tomorrow because I have my lsat class tomorrow. And I have a couple of lessons to go to. I’m also meeting my friend to hang out tomorrow. I’ll talk to you guys later!

How much time should you take to work on your blog?

The answer is up to you. You have to know how much time you can invest. Not many people have time to blog. And that’s okay. I know that I don’t always spend a lot of time on my blog. Instead of working on my blog for a couple hours per day, I’ll work on it every day for a couple minutes at a time. I’m not perfect. You don’t have to be. You will not always be able to work on your blogs for hours and hours at a time.

I will say that blogging is a total investment rather than a daily investment. You can write a blog post today and post it on the same day; that blog post will stay there forever. And you can reap the rewards from it long after you post it. When you reach about 200 blog posts, your blog should have enough content to entertain your audience for a long time. Also when you update your content and add more blog posts, you’ll have more posts that can attract views. I think that this is the smartest use of time. I know many YouTubers that utilize this same strategy.

The main takeaway is to continue working on your blog when you can. When you reach 200 blog posts, your blog will be in a good place to continue gaining views. Good luck on your blogging journey and keep blogging 👍

Just woke up

I’m going back to sleep again after I write this post, but you guys are the best. Thank you for showing so much support for my blogs. I’m so thankful to have my blogs and the WordPress community! 👏

Daily Life

I find my life so interesting because I’m constantly working and studying. Life is always busy for me. I find that I don’t always get to make it to events or that I usually have to arrive late. And that’s ok for now because I know the reward of achieving my goals will be worth it. I didn’t even drink any coffee today and I still made it through the day. I know I will be even more busy later when I’m back in school. And that’s ok with me too. I have accepted that life will be challenging for the next couple of years. I understand that I am only one person and I can’t handle everything, but why can’t I? I know I am more than capable. I actually can’t wait to be more busy. I want to be achieving and doing things that are productive. My entire life is one big cycle of working really hard every single day. It is satisfying for me.

My phone is always full of text messages and my list of things to do is never ending. I also have my calendar that is full of activities/tasks for me to do. I’m grateful for being able to reach for my dreams. And I’m lucky to know what I want from my life.

Blogging has always been a part of my goals for the future; that’s why I continue to keep blogging. I’ve been blogging for a year and a half now. And I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it. These blogs are a part of my life. I love blogging.

My life is hectic, but with this new year coming, I hope to be happy. I want my life to be drama free. I want to spend the rest of my life with my husband creating our little family together. I ultimately want to spend the rest of my life with him by my side. I hope to see us walking side by side together and I can’t wait to see him achieve his goals too. Thank you for an amazing platform to share my thoughts freely. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a group that has been so accepting of me. I like how no one judges you condescendingly here. And I am thankful to have my blogs. I hope everyone has a great New Years and a happy holidays! See you in the new year!

Side note: I haven’t written this much in a long time. I’ve never had so much to say on a topic, but I’m inspired today!

You’ll Be Okay

I’m in a couple blogging groups on Facebook and I’ve noticed the trend that many people are extremely worried about their blog. I see that they have many goals they would like to achieve and they are at a loss at how to achieve them.

I don’t consider myself a pro at blogging, but I know that all the things you can do for your blog don’t happen in one day. There are many options for increasing traffic to your blog. And there are options to monetize your blog. I thought I would share my advice with everyone and with anyone that may be worried about their blog. It’s okay to make mistakes. If you worry too much about creating the perfect blog post, you’ll never post anything. You just have to start diving in the deep waters and start swimming. My number one advice is to take things slow… one day at a time. You can’t accomplish everything in one day. Know that creating blog posts should be your prime concern. And if you write about what you care about the most, your passion will resonate in your blog.

Don’t worry about views or traffic. Just enjoy blogging and everything will fall into place 🙂

Stockpiling and nervousness

I’m extra afraid that purchasing the domain for this blog will not be a good thing. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I feel like I just need to take the plunge to do it. Do you guys have any advice?

I think what will make me feel better is if I stockpile a lot of blog posts and save them to post later. I’ll feel like I prepared for this instead of doing it on a whim. It’ll be like I’m saving food for winter ❄️ I also don’t want to become inconsistent. I think my biggest fear is that I will stop blogging for good and the money would have been a waste. Arghhh what do I do? I’m going to start stockpiling in the meantime 😓

How are my incentive programs going??

Incentive programs:

When you use incentives (candy, prizes, or small promises) to motivate your students to accomplish goals

Hi! Yes, I’m back again writing another blog post. And I have no shame posting multiple blog posts in a day. It’s my blog and I do what I want! In my opinion, incentive programs are definitely worth using. Some teachers are against it like, “they’re too expensive…” or “the motivation should be the music” or “I’m a good teacher and I don’t need that, haven’t used that ever in my 100 years of teaching.”

That’s good for you guys. There’s no right way of teaching, but each teacher has the freedom to customize their studio the way they want. As long as you are keeping up with everything each week, you do you!

For me, I use three different incentives. And I never really explain what they are unless I’m talking to my teaching friends. The reason I’m using three incentive programs is because it’s summer time. And I want to reward those students who are still taking lessons consistently over the summer 🙂 Summer should be fun also, so I like to spice it up and give them more fun things to do.

1. Star Page

The Great Sight-Reading Challenge2-The Plucky PianistaSight-Reading Challenge.jpg

The one I use above to the right is the first star page I give to my students. It has less stars so it’s easier for them to complete. Students earn a star when they work on a song, complete a song in the book, or work on a work page. They use a marker to color in a star. Once they color all the stars, they earn a prize! And it’s usually a very nice surprise when I come to their next lesson with their prize. It’s not too difficult for them to complete even the one on the left. I like it because they have to work hard for it and learn to try the songs that they don’t like. But I also like it because it takes them about 2-3 months to complete it. I don’t want to be spending money every single week giving out prizes consecutively. Here are what my prize bags look like. I’ve given out more prizes than this but I didn’t take a picture every single time. Oops!

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 11.59.44 AMScreen Shot 2018-07-12 at 11.59.57 AM

I like to decorate these a lot because it makes them look even more special! This incentive is very effective. If I had to choose, I would implement this one first and keep it. Students are also mucho motivated by this. Don’t tell them what surprise they’re getting! Leave them in suspense.

2. Small motivational erasers

smiles-wedge-erasersThese are not the exact ones I use. I didn’t take a picture of the ones I use, but these will do. I give one to each student per lesson. There are a lot of designs in mine, so I tell them that they can collect a new one each time. I haven’t shown them what they all look like, so it’s also a surprise to see what they are getting each week. This is a small token of my appreciation for them. They are helping me out by giving me business, and I really appreciate that. It’s something small, I get about 10 erasers for $1, but it has a huge meaning behind it. This incentive has been very effective so far. Students love it!

3. Gumball Machine
clipart-gumball-machine-picturesque-bubble-gum-learnfree-me-remarkable-emptyThis is my last incentive I recently added. I can’t take all the credit for this one because I got the idea from a teacher friend. Students will color one gumball each time as a practice chart. I am the judge on whether or not they practiced enough. The song has to be played better than last week. There are 100 gumballs, so this one also takes awhile to complete. As a joke, I like to tell them that the prize is… 5 cents! Haha it’s not, but it’s still funny to see their reactions. I know that this one is going to be difficult to implement, but it’s so new that I don’t have any results to share yet.


If you guys have any other ideas on incentives, please let me know 🙂 If you liked my ideas, please like and share this blog post!


My Work Bag Must Haves

I’ve found that if I don’t have my essentials with me every time I go to work, I feel like I’m completely unprepared. Sometimes I am away from home for 10 hours at a time. And if I don’t have gum or tissues, it feels like I’m not going to have a good work day. That may be dramatic, but that is honestly how I feel at times. If you’re anything like me, you have to always be prepared. It’s better to have more stuff than to have less stuff. And depending on your job, you will have different things in your bag. There are so many things that I carry, but I’m only going to list my MUST HAVES:

1. Gum

This might seem silly, but gum is an absolute must have. I never want to have bad breath. And most of the time, I’m drinking coffee to stay awake so coffee breath is a real thing. Coffee stained teeth is also a real thing. Gum will save you from having bad breath and embarrassing yourself. It will also help you get rid of whatever you ate for lunch.

2. Water

I’m not talking about coffee or soda. Plain water is absolutely essentialYou’re not going to feel completely satisfied by drinking soda all day. And soda isn’t good for you anyways. Coffee doesn’t really quench my thirst either. That’s why I keep water with me all the time. And when I’m talking all day, having water is a good call. There have been times where I haven’t had water with me and I was not happy.

3. Phone

Believe it or not, your phone is actually very important. I know it seems like it’s self-explanatory, but trust me. I don’t completely rely on it, but it is where my main source of communication is and where my schedule is.

4. Face wipes

I get really oily skin after a couple hours of working. And the only way I’ve been able to feel refreshed later in the day is by using face wipes. I recommend keeping one to two packets of face wipes with you.

5. Hand sanitizer

There’s nothing worse than feeling like your hands are dirty. I don’t always have the luxury of washing my hands all the time, so hand sanitizer has saved me on many occasions.

6. Glasses

This also seems pretty obvious, but I don’t wear contacts. If I happen to forget my glasses at home, I am almost guaranteed not to have a good day. I can see the road when I’m driving, but seeing music books and notes is a real challenge without my glasses.

7. Pencils

I know this might seem like an added luxury. Not everyone keeps pencils with them. However, have you ever had a situation where you needed a pencil and you didn’t have one?

8. Jacket

I use an extra jacket as a pillow. I sometimes have unexpected gaps in my schedule where I can take a break. And I use a jacket to nap with. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it!!

9. Phone Charger/Portable Charger


If there’s anything else I might have forgotten, you can leave your suggestions in the comments below! I want to write more blogs about this in the future

Oops!! (update and day in my life)

So sorry I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth. I haven’t completely went away from blogging though. It’s been something that I’ve been thinking about constantly even when I was gone. I just haven’t had the motivation to write something. And I started procrastinating…and that just resulted in me not doing it at all. Oops!! I hope you can forgive me. I’m only human after all haha Anyways, I’ve been debating on whether or not to expand my music studio. I have a very strong studio full of students and a busy schedule. I don’t really need more students in my agenda. However, I am still getting new students. And that’s great, but that has also drained my energy level. As a result, I have been putting my expansion plans on the back burner. When I woke up today, I was like “I’m not going to succumb to this anymore! I’m going to start back blogging again.” And that’s exactly what I’m doing now.

I haven’t really told many people that I have also been working on making a professional music studio website. It’s actually starting to look really good too 🙂 on the flip side, that has also been put on the back burner for awhile. Furthermore, I have been putting my collaborations on the side and I haven’t been advertising for new students at all. Ahhh…. summer vacation is really getting to me. And I was supposed to continue working on my huge incentive program that has also NOT been worked on in awhile too. Oops again!!

So what am I going to do? Well, it sounds like I just have a lot on my plate. I decided to just start small and share with you guys another edition of day in my life:


A Day in My Life (Summer Vacation Edition)

Today is a short day for me. On most days, I’ll have lots of students to teach and tons of errands to run. However, most of my students are also on summer vacation so they are putting off lessons for now. Teaching during the summer is different. You never really know what to expect. The heat is blistering and inconvenient, but teaching during the summer is also very relaxing. There aren’t that many students to teach and you have more time to watch movies. OR in my case, ignore the large amount of work I have to do.

After I finish writing this blog, I want to relax for a little bit and then get ready to go to the crafts store. I want to buy more stickers and incentives for my students’ prize bags. And then I want to go eat lunch. After that, I have a meeting with a new student and two lessons to teach. That’s pretty much what today looks like for me. So… this day in the life is not too exciting. I buy stickers and other toys to fill in my students’ prizes. They earn a prize like this after completing their star chart.

The Great Sight-Reading Challenge2-The Plucky Pianista

That’s what their star chart currently looks like. For each song or good behavior, they get to color in a star. Once all the stars are colored, they earn a big prize. Pretty simple. I’ve given out about 10 prizes already 🙂 #proudteachermoment

If I’m feeling even more ambitious today, I’m going to work on work stuff. However, there’s almost 0% chance of that happening. I hope you have a lovely summer day and I’ll check back with you guys soon!

Also, if you want to check out my vacation blog that I just posted, click here!