7 Reasons Why You Need A Piano Teacher

I’ve been doing some research in my hopes of trying to help prospective piano students find resources that are actually helpful for them. I’ve found tons of misinformation about learning the piano that are designed to sell the student something rather than teach them how to be successful in this field. The problem area comes back to the importance of finding a good piano teacher and the reasons why you need a piano teacher to learn the piano.

Proactively, I’ve been looking at the core reasons as to why students are delayed in their learning. I’ve found countless wasted time and apps that have promised piano fluency but have fallen short of that promise. These are time wasters that have to be avoided. Learning the piano is not a short process. If you have been a long time reader of mine, you know that it takes time to learn an instrument. Don’t waste months of time on schemes that are just used to take your money. A piano teacher is the absolute best way to learn the piano.

There are many reasons why you need a piano teacher

Reason #1

You will have someone to correct your mistakes

This is probably the number one reason why I would suggest someone that is just beginning to learn the piano to have a piano teacher. A piano teacher will be watching your playing and correcting you as you go. I often have multiple corrections for a student during the lesson. My reasoning behind correcting my students is because I don’t want them to think that they are playing correctly when they’re not. Think about it like this. Would you want someone to never tell you when you make mistakes? In the future if you do fail, they would just sit back and watch. I would much rather have someone tell me when I’m doing something wrong.

Reason #2

You will have a resource to ask questions

Honestly, I would always pick having a teacher for a new skill over not having one. The reason is because I love to ask questions. If you’re a naturally curious person, you will have questions and that is completely normal. Teachers love it when their students ask questions! I wish some of my students would ask more questions. When you’re asking questions, it helps the teacher to see that you are interacting with the material and that you are putting in effort to learn the piano. I had a student that asked me tons of questions all of the time and he is now playing level 7-10 music. It pays off to ask questions so don’t be afraid to ask them.

Reason #3

You will have access to more resources such as books, videos, and lessons

Piano teachers are the masters of resources. They know which piano competitions are available or which events are happening locally in your area. Piano teachers also have knowledge of which books you should use. The list goes on and on. I would pick a teacher just because they have the knowledge and access to these resource. For me, I have access to resources that students don’t know about. I tell them all about the resources that are available and they are welcome to start using them.

Reason #4

You will be held accountable to practice

Practicing is the number one priority when you are learning the piano. I have many students that only rely on our lesson time to practice and this is incorrect. Your practice time should be triple the lesson time that you have with your teacher per week. For example, if you have 30 minutes of lessons with your teacher, you should be practicing an hour and a half on your own. Practice needs to be done on your own when you can apply the skills that you were taught. You cannot advance for long without individual practice time. Practicing is also the best part of learning the piano and I enjoy it a lot. Even though I am the teacher now, I still have my own practice time that runs about two hours per session.

Reason #5

You will be able to watch someone that plays well

“Watching and listening are irreplaceable when you’re learning”

Have you ever heard of the Suzuki method? The process involves watching a teacher do something and having the student copy. I use snippets of this method with my students. In many ways, they don’t know that I am sharing with them years of my experience. They don’t have to go through the wasted time I lost when they’re learning the piano. They have me there to guide them and that is why it’s so important to have a piano teacher. My students are also encouraged to watch other piano players. We watch them play in order to see how the technique should be utilized and to hear how the song should be played. It helps tremendously when you consider that the student is learning a great amount just from watching someone else.

I also play for my students to help them see more specifically what the technique and sound should be. When they are looking at the sheet of music, they might not be able to translate to how the song should sound like. I encourage them to go online and find recordings of the songs. They are also encouraged furthermore to listen to these recordings multiple times and not just once.

Reason #6

You don’t have to waste your time on other stuff

In the modern world, we are constantly exposed to distractions. These distractions can be incredibly problematic if it begins to delay your learning time. In the span of four months, I have expectations to where my student should be playing at. There’s no other way to avoid the actual work that needs to be put in order to learn the piano. More specifically, note reading is tedious but has to be mastered in order to play the piano. My students despise this task, but we work countless hours to master this skill. There’s no avoiding the actual work of these tedious tasks.

Reason #7

More doors will open for you

When I had a piano teacher, he introduced me to multiple opportunities where I could learn beyond just in lessons. I had the opportunity to learn how to write ballet music and I was able to join a concert band ensemble where I could play my instrument. Other examples of where I had more doors open for me was when I was in school. My music teacher introduced me to outside orchestra ensembles that I could join. I ended up auditioning for them and joining. It was such a good experience for me and I will always be grateful for the teachers that opened those doors for me.

In Summary

It’s okay to fall short of your expectations as long as you keep going

“The piano will always be there for you every time you need it to be”

Falling short of your original expectations is normal. If you’ve found that you lost time on the progress that you would have made on the piano, it’s going to be okay. Nothing is perfect and there are a lot of misinformation on the internet. I am a firm believe of hard work and diligence. If you are able to teach yourself how to play the piano adequately, then do so. However, the best results I’ve seen in my career are from students that received private lessons from a piano teacher. There are so many benefits to having a piano teacher and these are only some of the reasons why you should consider having a piano teacher to teach you how to play the piano.

How much do piano lessons cost per hour?

The question that appears in many search engines is: how much do piano lessons cost? My goal as a piano teacher is to help debunk the myth that surrounds piano lessons and to hopefully make it more accessible for people that want to learn how to play the piano. The cost for piano lessons should not be a mystery. Each teacher values their service differently. Consequently, therefore each teacher will price their services accordingly.

How much do piano lessons cost per hour really?

I’ve heard of teachers pricing their lessons at $100/hour. This type of pricing is typical for teachers that do not want many students and are looking to teach a certain subset of piano students. Typically, however, the pricing is $1/minute of lessons. If a teacher is teaching 30 minutes of lessons, then they will try to price their lessons at $30 for 30 minutes of lessons. If a teacher is offering one hour of lessons, then they will price is at $60 for one hour of instruction. This has been the industry standard for a long time. There are some variations that have to be considered though.

Some teachers choose not to teach in their home and they prefer to travel to their students to teach. When a teacher is a traveling teacher, they will typically price their lesson prices higher. This is because traveling to your student is a better service than if the student travels to the teacher for lessons. Therefore, these teachers will typically add $5-10 to their lesson price in order to cover traveling expenses.

Another variation for pricing to consider is that some teachers will increase their prices based on how many years of teaching they have done or the credentials they’ve received. If a teacher has performed for many years and has competed in national competitions, they will increase their prices because they have more knowledge to offer than a regular music teacher. Furthermore, if a teacher has 6-10 years of teaching experience, they will increase their prices also. I have increased my prices twice. The first time I increased my prices was because I had been teaching for a certain number of years and I needed to be compensated for it. I also recently increased my price again because I reached another milestone of how many years I have been teaching. Experience is valuable. Every year of teaching, I feel like I have grown and studied more of my craft. Therefore, I have so much more to offer for my students than some teachers have. I have shortcuts and more in-depth teaching. These are all things to consider when you are looking for a piano teacher.

Piano teachers will price their lessons according to the number of years they have spent teaching

In summary

Piano teachers price their lessons to the industry standard of $1/minute. If you are looking for a piano teacher, I recommend considering why they price their lessons at the price that they currently have it at. You never know why the pricing may be higher or lower than what you have expected. Piano teachers offer a service at the end of the day. If they have more to offer, they will increase their price.

Does Twitter actually help with blogging?

I’ve been blogging for three years now and I’ve noticed that I always get views from Twitter. I remember setting up an account a long time ago and barely posting on it. I can’t say that I’m the best blogger. I have tons of content, but I don’t promote much of it online besides just on WordPress. Twitter has been a consistent referral source for me. It amazes me that people are using that Twitter account I made a long time ago to come to my blog. I know that Twitter is highly underrated as a referral source, but it has brought a steady amount of people to my blog amazingly.

If you haven’t tried it yet, I recommend making an account for your blog. I’m also hoping to reopen my other social media for my blogs and to promote my content on there also. I’ve been dabbling with Facebook ads and they work really well. Just paying $1/day to run an ad is very economical.

What social do you use to promote your blog content and which one has worked for you the best?

Why do you need a piano teacher?

I get this question quite often from many prospective students as they are searching for a piano teacher. I teach the piano and I absolutely love teaching it. I also teach the double bass, but I have more piano students than double bass students in my music studio. Learning the piano is always an ongoing process. A teacher is there simply to guide the student along the correct path. If you don’t have a teacher guiding you, you’ll get lost. When you reach a song that you have no clue how to play, it’s not a surprise because you don’t have a teacher to help you!

Having a teacher is also beneficial because you have someone that will pull you along the process quicker. I know from my own experience that a teacher will make sure that you are continually making progress each week. I make sure my students know which page they are on in their books and I tell them what our progress is each week. I want them to know that they are getting better. It helps to discourage feelings that progress is slow or not occurring. We are always making progress! I make sure of it and I know that teachers love to see their students make progress also.

Having a piano teacher is a game changer because more doors will open for you. I post tons of information for my students on my business page and I’m also working on creating a blog in order to post more information for them. I have a strong list of websites and resources for my students that would be difficult for them to acquire by themselves. I make sure that I’m sharing this with them. Having me as a teacher is a benefit because I am familiar with all of the resources and I make sure that these are available to them. I also host recitals for my students to give them the opportunity to perform. It’s important for me to have my students perform. Not many piano players will get the chance to play in front of an audience in their piano career. I open that door for them. I also have access to local, state, and national competitions. My students are able to advance their playing by joining competitions and ensembles of musicians. I have access to musicianship level testing for all of my students. Having a teacher for this purpose is insurmountable.

Having a piano teacher is incredibly important. I will be posting more on what to expect from piano lessons and playing the piano. I’ve previewed the internet and I don’t see many posts on how to prepare students for piano lessons. I hope to provide more insight in this topics and to be able to share it with you in order to prepare you for a piano career. Best of luck with playing!

How many years of playing the piano do I need to become good at it?

I get this question all the time. How many years of learning piano do you need to be able to play the song that you want? The answer, I hope, is going to be simple. I’ve been a piano teacher for many years and here is the data that I’ve collected to the best of my knowledge:

First year of learning the piano

In your first year, you will be learning the basics. I suggest that you use flash cards heavily to learn your notes. The stronger you are with note reading, the better your foundation will be. You NEED to know how to read notes. There’s no other way around it. I would also choose a method book and play through all the lessons. Your first year is the most important for setting the foundational skills that you’ll need in your next couple of years.

Second year of learning the piano

Congratulations on making it to your second year! Many students don’t make it to their second year. It’s quite an accomplishment and you should be very proud. In this year, you are advancing your skills and learning more difficult music. Stick to your lesson books and practice your foundational songs. At this point, you are moving on to the next difficult part of learning the piano and you are so close to your third year. Once you reach your third year, I believe, you’ll be able to pick up a song of your choosing and start playing.

3+ years of learning the piano

This is the year that you’ve been waiting for! At three years of learning the piano, you are ready to start choosing your own pieces to play. Make a list of songs that you want to learn how to play and watch the YouTube videos of pianists playing them. Observe their technique and pay special attention to their dynamics. The next step is to start practicing heavily and start building a routine that will match your goals. Limit your song list to two/three songs at a time that you’re working on. You are now competent in your playing where you can begin choosing your own songs.

In summary

I strongly believe that three years is the magic number for students to acquire a strong mastery of the piano. Be careful not to rush the process because learning the piano is not easy. It’s equivalent to learning another language. As you build your mastery, no one can take this skill from you because it’s yours. You’ve worked hard for this. Even if you don’t play the piano for a couple years after you’ve dedicated three or more years to learning the piano, you’ll still be able to come back and play. I tell my students all of the time that the piano will always be there for you when you need it. The knowledge will stay with your for the rest of your life. And the piano will always be waiting for you when you come back to it. I hope you enjoy playing the piano and I look forward to sharing more of my knowledge with you.

Thank you so much for following my blog

Thank you so much for 500 followers on this blog. It has been an absolute dream of mine to be a blogger and I’ve been feeling waves of discouragement when I feel like I’m not doing well. The past couple of months has been hard for me. There were plans that I worked hard to try to come true and they didn’t work out. I felt like things that I worked so hard for are never going to happen. And I felt jealous of those who had success when I don’t. I’m sorry for feeling this way. I truly am. I don’t want to hide things from you guys. As of now, I’ve been trying to work on myself. I’ve been studying for my real estate license. I’m hopeful that things are going to be better this year. I know 2020 was hard for many people. I felt like the world was falling apart. This year, I feel hopeful.

I got married last month. I am even more happier being married to the love of my life. When life feels tough, I know I have my husband and my dog to make me happy. Oh! I have also been watching a YouTuber called Kitboga. His videos are the best. If you need a good laugh and something to brighten your day, watch his videos. And just like how all of his videos end, I want to let you all know that you are special and you are important. I hope you all have a great day.

How to be productive while you’re sick

Hi guys 👋 You might all know, but I’m sick right now and I don’t feel well. I feel really sick. I want to lay in my bed all day. I have zero energy to do anything, but I have to work. Therefore, I am forcing myself to be productive. I only took one day off this entire time that I’ve been sick. I’m not too sure if it’s a good idea to continue working when you’re sick, but I have no other choice.

How to be productive when you’re sick?

The first thing I do is consult my google calendar on the list of appointments I have for the day. I also check my business messages and emails. I mainly center my workday around these. After I do that, I start my morning routine. I take my medicine, eat something, shower, and I open up my laptop.

The main trick I’ve been using to be productive is to just force myself to do it. If I overthink about something, I end up never doing it. I start working on the task and it ends up being easier to do than I thought it would be. I then end up getting a lot of things done. For example, I’ve been studying for my exam coming up next February. No one wants to study, but I open up my learning modules and I just start studying. Be consistent. Keep going and don’t be too herd on yourself if you aren’t productive every day.

How to start teaching virtually?

Man, I am late on posting this. It might be because I have also been trying to figure out how to start teaching virtually. Everyone knows that the pandemic has caused a lot of teachers to switch to teaching virtually and that has caused a lot of chaos. I began teaching virtually near the beginning of this year. I am still teaching virtually now. It has been a huge transition, but after many months of practicing at it, teaching virtually has been pretty easy.

I’ve been writing a lot of blog posts about how to start teaching, but I’ve never written about how to teach virtually. It’s a new territory for me. I started teaching online through using FaceTime calls, zoom conference calls, and Facebook messenger video chat. I’ve found that FaceTime is the most reliable form of video chatting. If the student doesn’t have an iPhone, they will have to utilize other forms of video chatting. Zoom was pretty easy to set up. Facebook messenger is not as reliable for video chatting as zoom is.

For zoom, you have to set up a conference room and you have to send the invite link to your student. It could be difficult to set up if you are not tech savvy. Please make sure to set up these things before the start of your lesson. I like to set up my conference calls an hour before the start of my lesson.

I also began keeping digital copies of my books. Originally, I was buying new hard copies of my books. I decided that it would be much easier to keep a digital copy to send to my students. I didn’t have to repurchase books all of the time now. It makes it a lot easier to start my lessons too. I open up my books on my computer, pull open my lesson notes, and I open my video chat.

I’ve learned to use google calendar to manage my lessons and I also use the notes app on my phone to keep lesson notes. Lesson notes are very important. If you’re not keeping track of what you’re working on for your students, you won’t remember next week. If you have many students every week, using lesson notes will help. If you only have one or two students, you might not need to. I’ve found that with the notes app, you can invite other students to look at it too. It’s very helpful for me and I heavily rely on my lesson notes.

I don’t know if teachers will begin transitioning to teaching virtually for good. I’ve noticed that it reduces my commute time and it’s been easier for me. If you have a student that is hesitant to transition to virtual lessons, give them a couple of trial lessons for free. Let them acclimate to virtual lessons. I think they’ll like it too once they get used to it!

How to start teaching piano

How do I start teaching piano if I am interested in being a piano teacher? It’s not as hard as you may think. If you are interested in teaching piano, I would start advertising your services in all sort of avenues. For example, I started telling people that I teach piano. Telling people is the easiest way to begin advertising. Word of mouth goes a long way. People tell other people and soon enough, a lot of people will begin noticing. I started teaching piano this way. I let people know that I am teaching and they found it easier to hire a piano teacher when they know one.

The second way I began teaching was by advertising on Facebook. I recommend posting on your Facebook wall every so often, but not overdoing it. Posting on certain Facebook garage sale pages helped a lot too. I would also post on neighborhood group pages. Make sure you follow the guidelines on these pages. During this time, the pandemic is making it less likely that people want to hire a piano teacher. That’s okay. I would still post maybe once a month and just wait. Waiting for a response to these posts goes into my next topic of discussion.

I didn’t begin having a full piano studio right away. I actually started with only one student for a long time. It took me awhile to build a good reputation. I waited for students to join my studio. It took a lot of patience and consistency. It wasn’t until I reached my fifth year of teaching that I didn’t have to advertise as much anymore. Of course now, because of the pandemic, I definitely have to advertise more often. I don’t get many leads right now. When the pandemic nears the end, however, I’m thinking that more parents will be willing to start piano lessons for their children.

The last topic I want to discuss is how to develop a good reputation. Developing a good reputation is my number one way of getting new students. When you are teaching, make sure you do a good job. I sometimes give my students extra time. I often gift my books for free. You can also make your lessons more fun. All of these are great ways to develop a good reputation. If you are known for being a great piano teacher, parents will recommend you to their friends. And you will start getting more students without advertising. Focus on being a good teacher for your students! Make this your number one priority.